National Council of Women 2016

Women eye top posts

On Friday, Sumkar Open MP, Ken Fairweather, urged women to not be afraid to take up the office of the Governor-General.

Fairweather openly admitted to being the most unpopular man in parliament, due to the daring remarks he makes, one of which was the issue he raised in parliament in regards to a woman becoming the Governor-General.

All women to be protected under new law

Whilst presenting at the National Council of Women’s Consultative Workshop on Wednesday, the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, stated that one of these proposed laws is a law that will forbid children who are below the age of 18, from getting married. This piece of legislation will be incorporated into the Marriage Act.

Women who do not own properties and are often left hopeless and desperate after losing everything to their spouse in a divorce, will now be entitled to 50 percent of the assets, upon the couple's separation.