Colonial Laws

377 Colonial Laws in PNG

Chairman of the Constitutional Law Reform Commission (CLRC). Dr. Eric Kwa, said they have identified them and will be reviewing all colonial laws.

The Civil Registry and Identification Act of 1963 is one of them to be reviewed and now the regional consultation taking place.

Dr. Kwa said like many other the Civil Registry and Identification Act of 1963 and the other 376 are colonial laws based on the context of Australia and do not reflect our own society.

The reviews aim to contextualize them to suit PNG.

Colonial laws to be reviewed

The colonial laws are part of 1,861 laws which will be reviewed by the Constitutional Law Reform Commission.

CLRC Chairman, Dr Eric Kwa, says he has been instructed by the Government to carry out the review, including the colonial laws which are of British and Australian origin.

“So we are to transform 1, 389 laws, that’s from Independence up, and then 522 colonial laws, and we have been asked to develop new laws.”