David Manning

Religious Gatherings Exempted

Commissioner Manning said by virtue of sections 9 (a), 29, 36 and 42 and all other enabling sections of the National Pandemic Act 2020, directed the amendment to the ban on major event gatherings of over 100 issued on 14th January, 2022 to exempt Religious activities and Essential services.

For clarity, this direction is in addition to all other requirements under the National Pandemic Act 2020, Measure 3, ‘Domestic measures’.

Manning Directs Probe

As the matter involves a national MP and state minister, Commissioner Manning has directed Deputy Police Commissioner Operations, Anton Billie to lead the investigation.

A senior detective from the NCD command and a senior officer from the Police Internal Affairs Directorate will assist in the inquiry.


The Commissioner’s decision to investigate was a matter of course to ascertain the facts surrounding the incident before recommending further action.


Judge Refuses To Preside Over Matter

The appeal is against the National Court decision that nullified the appointment of David Manning as Commissioner of Police, and Secretary to the then Department of Police.

He revealed this to the parties this morning in court. Sir Gibbs said his decision was for transparency sake and to avoid bias after his wife had informed him that Commissioner Manning had invited her for coffee last week.

The Chief Justice said the meeting between Commissioner Manning and his spouse took place at Brian Bell Home Centre where his wife happened to be doing shopping.

Nupiri Requested For Interview

Commissioner Manning’s request follows Nupiri’s press statement refuting the allegation that in August 2018, he did conspire with Blacklock, PPL’s former acting Managing Director, to fabricate her contract of employment, giving effect to her being paid K1.7 million in back pay between December 2017 and August 2019.

NCC Action Against Indian High Com

The passengers included four infected with COVID-19, Controller Manning said the behaviour of those involved in the dishonest process compromises the safety and security of Papua New Guinea.

Controller Manning said: “I have requested Papua New Guinea’s Department of Foreign Affairs to deal with the Indian High Commission through appropriate diplomatic channels, while the charter company and the airline, and any middle-men will now face the consequences for their actions.

Calls for public protests unjustified, says Manning

Manning said certain individuals and interest groups with ulterior motives are making these calls over social media but there is no basis as the domestic travel measures have not changed.

“We simply included an additional category to Schedule 1 of Measure 3, which now enables those who have been vaccinated to travel whenever and wherever they wish domestically.

Mandatory vaccination measure amended

Manning made this comment following criticisms on the new measures on international and domestic travel.

“There will be no mandatory vaccination nor situations created to force people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This will always remain a personal choice for every Papua New Guinean and we respect that,” he stated.

Supreme Court to proceed with Manning’s appeal

Suspended Assistant Commissioner of police human resource, Sylvester Kalaut and Fred Yakasa’s objection to the appeal was refused by the court this afternoon.

In January 2021, the National Court found that the appointment of David Manning as the Police Commissioner was unlawful because he did not possess any tertiary qualifications.

Following this ruling, Manning filed for an appeal at the Supreme Court on the 28th of January which the court granted an order to stay this decision until a ruling is made on the appeal.

Health system overpowered

This was the point that National Pandemic Controller, David Manning, and Secretary for Health, Dr Osborne Liko, wanted to get across to citizens at yesterday’s COVID-19 media briefing.

Dr Liko said in just seven days, the number of reported cases of COVID-19 soared at almost 50 percent between Saturday March 20th and Saturday March 27th, 2021.

“Within seven days we had 2,394 reported cases. The number of deaths increased to 49 in seven days,” said the Health Secretary.

Manning in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19

Manning said his COVID-19 results including those of the two members of his family were confirmed on Saturday, February 20, 2021.