Nupiri Requested For Interview

Commissioner of Police, David Manning has requested for former PNG Power Ltd (PPL) Chairman, Peter Nupiri to make himself available for interview regarding charges laid against former PNG Power Ltd (PPL) Managing Director, Carolyn Blacklock.

Commissioner Manning’s request follows Nupiri’s press statement refuting the allegation that in August 2018, he did conspire with Blacklock, PPL’s former acting Managing Director, to fabricate her contract of employment, giving effect to her being paid K1.7 million in back pay between December 2017 and August 2019.

Yesterday, Nupiri was reported in the Post-Courier claiming Blacklock’s contract of employment as acting Managing Director was in order, had been approved by the PNG Power Board and was executed in consultation with Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) and PPL management.

Commissioner Manning said: “I note the contents of the article regarding Nupiri in the Post-Courier yesterday (2 September 2021) and the media statement by Mr Nupiri.

“I contacted Nupiri and requested that he kindly make himself available for an interview and to assist police by providing copies of official board resolutions to clear his name. Unfortunately, Nupiri has not responded.

“The production of the official board minutes Nupiri would certainly assist police to consider whether to proceed with further investigations. Until he presents himself to police and produces evidence to support his statement, police will continue to rely on the evidence on file.”

On Tuesday, Commissioner Manning released a press statement regarding the arrest and charges laid against Blacklock. She was arrested and charged on Monday with five counts under the Criminal Code.

Police alleged that in August 2018, Blacklock and Nupiri conspired to fabricate a contract of employment for her for the position of acting Managing Director without approval from the PPL and KCHL Boards, and without approval by the National Executive Council (NEC).

It is alleged that between December 2018 and August 2019 Blacklock used the fraudulent contract to direct PPL finance staff to pay her K1,768,448.25 as purported back pay from her date of appointment in December 2017.

This happened after she had allegedly told the PPL Board that her appointment was at no cost to the power authority, while she was receiving a salary under her existing contract with Cardno PNG under the PNG Australia Economic & Social Infrastructure Program as a specialist advisor to the Department of Prime Minister and NEC.

Freddy Mou