Stop tribal fights, embrace coffee: Ipatas

“We must embrace this gesture in the form of coffee funding rehabilitation and stop tribal fights so more or similar assistance can come into the province.”

Sir Peter also urged his people to work together, invest their time in income generating ventures and more young people to take on initiatives such as this coffee project.

The governor was officiating at the launching of a tool and material distribution ceremony held at Winikos Village in Kompiam District on Wednesday, 21 February. It was attended by over 2,000 people.

100,000 coffee seedling nursery launched

They launched their coffee cooperative group and a 100,000 coffee seedling nursery and sold the first 10,000 to a coffee processing firm.

Officiating at the occasion was MP for Goroka Open and Vice Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Henry Ame.

Ame said the O’Neill/Abel government is focused on growing the agriculture sector and has allocated close to K1 billion. He therefore urged the growers to utilise this opportunity to take part actively in agricultural activities.

Coffee recalled for undeclared Viagra-like ingredient

After an FDA laboratory confirmed the presence of desmethyl carbodenafil in the grounds, Bestherbs Coffee LLC recalled all New Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee.


Drinking more coffee leads to a longer life, two studies say

The findings have resurfaced the centuries-old conversation on coffee's health effects.

One study surveyed more than 520,000 people in 10 European countries, making it the largest study to date on coffee and mortality, and found that drinking more coffee could significantly lower a person's risk of mortality.

Coffee Berry Borer impacts WHP coffee

In a media statement the CIC said that a checkpoint set up at Kondapina has rejected about 370 tonnes of cherry coffee on a daily basis from Dei Council due to CBB infestation.

General Manager, Steven Tumae, said despite concerted efforts with the National Agriculture, Quarantine & Inspection Authority (NAQIA) the pest continues to spread.

“It is tough dealing with cherry traders daily but they do not have a choice and comply with personnel at the checkpoint,” said Tumae.

VIDEO: Coffee in Sepik

The Coffee Industry Corporation was in the province recently, to visit coffee growers, including Thomas Ainero in Angoram District.

The CIC reported that Angoram District is a sleeping giant for cash crop development because of its large population and vast land mass.

However, farmer Thomas said coffee farmers are slowly losing interest because of the stagnant coffee prices over the years.


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Teen dies from too much caffeine

Davis Allen Cripe died from a caffeine-induced cardiac event causing a probable arrhythmia, Richland County Coroner Gary Watts announced in a news conference Monday. During an arrhythmia, or abnormal heart rhythm, the heart may not be able to pump enough blood to the body, and lack of blood flow affects the brain, heart and other organs.

The teen consumed three caffeine-laced drinks -- a cafe latte, large Diet Mountain Dew and an energy drink -- in a two-hour period before collapsing in his classroom at Spring Hill High School on April 26, Watts said.

The cup of coffee that could cause heart palpitations

"If you want to stand out, you need to be the 'est' -- the biggest, smartest, strongest, or cheapest," said Black Insomnia founder Sean Kristafor. "So when we wanted to compete in coffee, as a caffeine product, we had to be the strongest, but obviously, we don't exceed the world guidelines."

As a coffee aficionado, Kristafor created the company after retiring from a corporate job. He found a top coffee roaster online and created Black Insomnia last June, first selling locally to cafes in Cape Town, South Africa.

40 percent of coffee volume threatened by pest

Minster for Agriculture and Livestock said it was the government’s intention not to let this happen.

The discovery of the CBB pest, the supply of coffee from the Highlands region is expected to drop following the announcement of a quarantining of the pest from six provinces.

The developments come at a tome when coffee exports were on the rise and with good coffee prices.

Tomscoll said 1.13 million bags of coffee were exported last year. This translated into K650 million entering the country.

Sleep tips: Avoid afternoon coffee, over-50s advised

A report for the charity Age UK says sleeping soundly gets harder as we age but getting enough rest is important to keep mentally sharp.

It recommends older people get seven to eight hours of sleep a night and gives tips on how to achieve this.

As well as avoiding tea and coffee, older people should keep daytime naps to shorter than half an hour.

Other tips include:

§  Get up at the same time every day

§  Expose yourself to natural sunlight during the daytime