Farmers and Settlers Association Inc.

Address agro sector setback

The concerns of the sector relating to taxation matters including GST refund has been delayed since 2017. President of Farmers and Settlers Association Inc., Wilson Thompson, on behalf of its members in the following industries. 

Livestock rearing needs support

This is according to president of Farmers and Settlers Association Inc., Wilson Thompson, adding that focus had been diverted.

“PNG was all smiles when we had four doors opened into the closed door of Ministry and Department of Agriculture and Livestock. The Marape Government separated Livestock from Agriculture and also broke down Agriculture with separate Coffee and Oil Palm Ministry,” stated Thompson.

Livestock comprises cattle, goats, sheep, piggery, buffalo, ducks, rabbits, poultry and honey bee.

Coffee production to increase

However, due to the Coffee Berry Borer, the annual exports is 840,000 bags of 60 kg coffee.

"Continuing with exporters, plantations and buyers intervention in supporting farmers, we can beat the figure of 1 million bags in 2023," says FSA president Wilson Thompson.

He said based on FSA assessment with getting exporters doing more extension and training, getting farmers to put up nursery or use the old system of transplanting self propagated coffee into the gardens, it would mean working hard.

Coffee Price Expected To Fall

President of Farmers and Settlers Association Inc., Wilson Thompson said going into the National Elections all the way to September, when new government will be in place, there is unlikely to be any government intervention or actions on the coffee price.

He raised the issue this week and attributed to a number of reasons for the drop in price, due to the following: