Middle Ramu District

Officer appeals for Ainong airstrip

Project officer of the Anglican Church Partnership Program, Morrison Wiam, is helping to establish coffee plantations at Kronum, Tmnek and Golden.

So far, 37,000 coffee trees have been planted at the Kronum Coffee Plantation while the proposed sites of Tmnek and Golden are yet to be developed.

“Ainong airstrip is located right in the heart of the Arabica coffee grown areas in Kaironk Valley,” outlined Wiam.

“Most of the coffee will be flown out from Ainong after the airstrip is completed.

“Wards are still struggling to complete their airstrip projects.”

Wards boast coffee plantations

Under the coordination of the project officer of the Anglican Church Partnership Program, Morrison Wiam, three coffee plantations were started at Kronum, Tmnek and Golden Coffee Plantation.

“37,000 coffee trees were planted for Kronum Coffee Plantation in 2020 while the other proposed sites (Tmnek and Golden) are yet to develop,” said Wiam.

Wiam said 11 clans and 50 households, along with more than 1,500 farmers from the five wards, are behind the project.

Remote School Graduates Pioneer Grade 10s

The graduation was witnessed by community members, school staff and invited guests. Dr. John Davis High School is located in Minyak village in Kovon LLG of rural Middle Ramu, Madang Province. A small hamlet located behind the mountains of Jimi District of Jiwaka Province. This is a place where much of basic government services such as roads are hardly seen.

Alluvial mine project seeks partnership

Situated in Madang Province, the Alluvial (Merchanized) Mining Project is located in the Middle Ramu District covering roughly 2,230 square kilometres.

According to the Investment Promotion Authority’s (IPA) e-opportunity newsletter, ­the project is being promoted by Ramu Resources Development Limited, a registered company representing 12 landowner clans within the project area.

The company seeks a joint venture partnership to take the Alluvial (Merchanized) Mining Project off the ground.

Ramu school tops Grade 8 exams

Elated local MP and Agriculture and Livestock Minister Tommy Tomscoll who was present at the graduation praised the good work of the teachers and revealed the good news as the way forward for Middle-Ramu District.

He says the primary school just this year got it’s first Grade 8 classes and was also upgraded to become a primary school and the news of topping the province in the exams is welcome news that Middle Ramu values education and can produce bright students for the future.