Villagers praise World Bank and partners for coffee rehab work

A councillor from Kaupena, Robert Morombu, said it was a wise decision by the government to improve the “green gold” with loan financing from World Bank (International Development Association) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

“Coffee is our lifeline. Oil and gas will run out but this green gold (coffee) is here to stay until the second coming of Jesus.

“We thank World Bank, IFAD and also the PNG Government for coming down to the village level to save our coffee gardens.”

Rural coffee farmers open bank accounts

This is an initiative under coffee rehabilitation work being implemented by Anglican Church of PNG, a Lead Partner of Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) – coffee component.

“The aim here is to encourage our farmers, especially those who live in the rural areas to save some money from their coffee earnings.

“As long as their savings accumulate in a bank account, it will excite them to think about buying new things to improve and sustain their lives,” says Potaisa Hombunaka, project manager of PPAP.

New coffee grading system to boost industry

The grading system was proposed by the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) and prepared by the biological standards committee of the National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT).

Senior quality officer Rose Romalus announced this during a presentation to some 35 extension officers working for Lead Partners of CIC’s productive partnerships in agriculture project (PPAP).

The field officers attended a week-long workshop held at Coffee Research Institute, Aiyura, Eastern Highlands Province, last month.

Coffee extension officers to meet in Aiyura

The Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP), operating under Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) will facilitate the training workshop on 22-26 February at the CIC’s PNG Coffee Research Institute in Aiyura, Eastern Highlands Province.

Close to 30 participants are expected to attend.

The purpose of this exercise is to improve and strengthen the capacity of extension officers who are key personnel on the ground to train growers and farmers on improved farming techniques and sustainability issues.

Jiwaka to pulp it up

The machine was introduced to smallholder coffee farmers in Bung Village of North Wahgi recently.

Long-time coffee farmer and businessman, John Munull who owns Kosem Coffee Limited in Banz was a delighted man at the official launching witnessed by some 500 villagers.


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