Cooperatives Boost Coffee Production

Coffee has been one of the most important agricultural commodities that contributes to Papua New Guinea’s economy.

It contributes to the livelihoods of almost three million people in the country.

However, since the closure of several plantations in PNG, coffee production has continued to decline. Though coffee production in the country is currently driven much by smallholder coffee growers they face several challenges. 

National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Volume 15, Issue 7: Cooperative is the way forward for smallholder coffee growers in Papua New Guinea by Research Intern, Joecy Kabiu, highlights how coffee cooperatives can be used to address some challenges faced by smallholder coffee growers.  

Kabiu reported that “Through cooperatives, smallholder coffee growers can be assured of higher production, better-quality coffee, and better returns.”

The report highlights that coffee cooperatives in PNG also face challenges that hinder their growth, which resulted in the demise of some cooperatives. The challenges can be addressed using holistic approach that involves all key stakeholders in the coffee industry. 

It is recommended that government at all levels should consider doing more to encourage smallholder coffee growers to establish effective and efficient cooperatives to move the coffee industry forward to the next level. 

The Publication can be accessed on the PNG NRI website

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