7.5 magnitude earthquake

Kutubu disaster committee calls for united effort

The committee said in a media conference that a combined effort was needed to assist locals affected by the disaster.

Committee chairman, Joel Masahimu, said 26 people lost their lives during the earthquake (17 victims) and through aftershocks (9 victims).

He said the earthquake has displaced people, with large numbers gathering in care centres and while the sick and injured are being attended to, there are fears of social implications this could have on them.

The committee is in Port Moresby to rally support for locals back home.

50 days after the quake

However, thousands remain vulnerable to health threats as they continue to live in crowded temporary settlements with inadequate access to clean water and medical services.

More than 500,000 were affected by the earthquake that struck on 26 February. At least 25,000 people have been displaced, while many communities continue to face compromised water and food supplies, significantly increasing threats of disease outbreaks.

Quake recovery to cost about K16m: NDOH

Upon the presentation of the plan to the Government through the Emergency Controller Dr William Hamblin last week, the Government allocated K4 million for the plan to be implemented.

Disaster update: House tool kits distributed

The North Fly emergency response team is among others working tirelessly to distribute food and medical supplies and tarpaulins with water catchment tanks, items that were donated as well as purchased by the local MP.

Mogulu station in Western Province has been the base of relief supplies which the team has been dispatching to the five care centres of Dodomona, Adumari, Digasubi, Huya and Walagu.

It is estimated close to 5,000 affected people are in the care centres.

Adumari has 826 people, Dodomona 1,550, Huya 1,405 and Walagu 1,207.

Health facilities devastated by PNG quake

On 26 February, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Papua New Guinea, triggering landslides, affecting water sources and wiping out houses, health facilities, people and crops. More than 190 aftershocks have been recorded, according to the United States Geological Survey, including one as recently as 20 March.

PLWD issues in quake areas

This was the message sent by one Robert Hoey, who reached out to the Hela Earthquake Relief group.

He told them of how they only wanted a good shower with a piece of soap and a bucket of water.

Hoey also highlighted needs for tents and be taken to a secure place.

Hela Inaka earthquake relief

The Hela Inaka or (“My” Hela) Relief was set up following the devastating earthquake on the 26th of February that shook the entire Hela and Southern Highlands provinces, including parts of the Highlands Region.

This is a group comprising of concerned Hela women, men, youth and children residing in Port Moresby with a great desire to help their people rebuild and recover from this catastrophe.

OSL disaster funds almost exhausted: Botten

He said over the last two weeks, the company had undertaken intense relief efforts, conducting more than 87 supply drops of a combined total of nearly 50 tons of supplies and materials.

Most of these have been done using helicopters flying to remote parts of the impact areas.

Botten said it was an expensive exercise but it was only fair the company did its part as a member of the community.

PNG quake: PNG, Aust work to restore power

Working closely with PNG Power Limited, Australia has provided up to A$400,000 (just over PGK1,000,000) for the purchase and delivery of ten 80kva transformers that are needed to restore power across parts of Hela Province and Southern Highlands Province, which have a combined population exceeding 750,000.

The transformers will see reliable power restored to some 3,500 PNG Power customers, including businesses, health clinics, schools and family homes.

MP calls for fair distribution of relief supplies

Donald says the supplies must be coordinated properly so that men, women and children affected are assisted adequately and fairly to recover and rebuild their lives.

“There are thousands of people being affected. They’ve lost their homes, infrastructure and food gardens,” states the MP.

“In Western, worst affected are those in Mougulu and Nomad in Nomad LLG where at least 3,000 people have been affected.