OSL disaster funds almost exhausted: Botten

Oil Search Managing Director, Peter Botten, says the K16 million funds earmarked for their disaster effort is almost exhausted.

He said over the last two weeks, the company had undertaken intense relief efforts, conducting more than 87 supply drops of a combined total of nearly 50 tons of supplies and materials.

Most of these have been done using helicopters flying to remote parts of the impact areas.

Botten said it was an expensive exercise but it was only fair the company did its part as a member of the community.

He said the company will be looking at a medium and long term plan of how it will conduct its relief efforts going forward now that a combined effort, along with other partners, is ongoing.

“In the last 10 days to two weeks we’ve spent pretty much that and obviously we will be looking at what our ongoing effort can be and hopefully, working progressively passing the baton of what will be a long term restoration program to others.

“We’ll play specific roles into the future and want it to be that way but clearly, it’s been an enormous effort by our people and our suppliers,” said Botten.

(Oil Search Managing Director, Peter Botten)

Cedric Patjole