Dr William Hamblin

Quake recovery to cost about K16m: NDOH

Upon the presentation of the plan to the Government through the Emergency Controller Dr William Hamblin last week, the Government allocated K4 million for the plan to be implemented.

Disaster Controller raises concern on medical supply

Controller, Dr William Hamblin said his office is working with the Department of Health to supply vaccines and other logistical support needed by the people.

Dr Hamblin said ‘care centres’ have been set up to provide medical treatments to the people and also assist with the relief supply.

He added that most of the people’s villages were destroyed and the repatriation will take a while

“People are now in care centres but more needed to be done, especially medical supplies.”

Massive effort to rebuild infrastructures

Emergency Disaster Co-ordination Controller, Dr William Hamblin said it will take about three months or more for the people to be able to get on their feet again and live their lives.

In an interview with this newsroom today, Dr Hamblin said about K42m has been spent on road maintenance alone to try and connect the affected areas to basic services again.

He said out of the K150m given by the Government, they have used up 2/3 of the funds and K50m remaining to carry on with the relief supplies.