North Fly MP James Donald

MP stresses on positive mindsets

North Fly MP James Donald believes that having the right mindset is critical as all concepts are merged in our brain, directing our motives through our thoughts and actions.

Donald is hoping to carry out a mindset campaign in North Fly District of Western Province by this month.

Some of the reasons why North Fly District has not been developing is due to the mindset of people who are not capable of working together.

Review Oil, Gas Act before any gas agreement: MP

Donald said the current Oil and Gas Act 1998 needed review and amendment because certain provisions of that law were not serving or protecting the interest of Papua New Guineans, especially the project area landowners.

For example, he said the current law does not provide for the landowners, host provincial governments and host local level governments to participate fully in the whole process from start to finish, involving consultation, negotiation to agreement, as key stakeholders – let alone their mere 2 percent stake in equity when it comes to benefits distribution.

US$50m in Trust Fund for Earthquake relief

This was revealed by Finance Minister, James Marape, in Parliament on February 24th.

Marape said the funds would be released for infrastructure projects and related programs.

Following questions by the Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi, and North Fly MP pertaining to the funds earmarked for areas affected by the earthquake, the Finance Minister revealed that more than K150 million was in a Trust Account.

MP calls for fair distribution of relief supplies

Donald says the supplies must be coordinated properly so that men, women and children affected are assisted adequately and fairly to recover and rebuild their lives.

“There are thousands of people being affected. They’ve lost their homes, infrastructure and food gardens,” states the MP.

“In Western, worst affected are those in Mougulu and Nomad in Nomad LLG where at least 3,000 people have been affected.

North Fly MP unhappy with disaster response

James Donald says most of the areas affected were remote and could only be reached by air. 

Most affected villages in North Fly, according to reports, are those along the border of Hela and Southern Highlands provinces, and are from Nomad and Olsobip LLGs.

MP dissatisfied with O’Neill’s response

During Parliament’s first sitting, Western Governor Taboi Awi Yoto asked for their share of the 2017 dividends from Ok Tedi Mine.

PM O’Neill responded by saying the Government is still holding onto the 33 percent share equity in Ok Tedi for the people of Western, including their dividends.

“As a Member of Parliament for the host district of the Ok Tedi Mine, I am not happy with that kind of response from a prime minister,” MP James Donald said.

North Fly partners with Indonesia

This eventuated during a recent trip from January 19 – 26, led by North Fly MP James Donald.

Donald’s team comprised of LLG president Kawuk Konmop, some councilors and border village landowners and leaders.

The delegation entered through Yetetkun village (Indonesia) after a day’s travel (by foot) from the PNG side.

They met with the local MP (Bupati), Boven Degoel, on January 24th to discuss two main agendas.