Youth and Community Development

Addressing violence is everyone’s business: Anna Solomon

Solomon questioned that if we don’t address violence, then who will?

Solomon said at the launch of the National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) 2016-2025 that GBV affects the country as a whole.

Solomon said that GBV undermines the safety, dignity and human rights of individuals who experience violence.

“Violence significantly hinders the ability of individuals to fully participate in and contribute to their communities and the country both economically, politically and socially.

National GBV strategy launched

It will cost the Government and partners K112 million to implement the strategy over a 10 year period.

The National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to GBV 2016-2025 was officially launched by Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Delilah Gore.

The strategy aims to strengthen the work on GBV in order to achieve zero-tolerance towards GBV by 2025 and as per PNG Vision 2050.

The GBV Strategy was endorsed by the National Executive Council on December 15.

Gore calls on women groups to stop in-fighting

Minister for Region, Youth and Community Development, Delilah Gore has urged women to stop the in-fighting and stand together to address women’s issues.

Gore said the in-fighting must stop and everyone must work together as women leaders and as representatives of the majority of women in the villages and provinces who cannot speak for themselves.

Gore encouraged women to stand together and talk for the rights of women. 

She said it’s time for a change in attitude.

Minister Gore announces launch of Children’s Forum

The Lukautim Pikinini Act Section 14 Sub Section F calls for a Bi- Annual Forum for children to meet to discuss issues that affect them.

Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development, Delilah Gore announced the launching of the Children’s Forum which will take place on November 30 at the Sir John Guise.

Since the launch of the Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015, Department for of Religion, Youth and Community Development has completed the regulations with the assistance of the Constitutional Law and Reform Commission.

Court kicks out Gore’s review

Gore filed the Judicial Review proceeding following the Leadership Tribunal recommendation on August 10 this year to suspend her from office for three months without entitlements. 

The recommendation came after members of the tribunal made up of Chairman Justice Poole and senior magistrates Mark Selefkariu and Ernest Wilmont found her guilty to one count of misconduct in office.