Gore calls on women groups to stop in-fighting

Women groups in the National Capital District have been called on to stop fighting amongst themselves.

Minister for Region, Youth and Community Development, Delilah Gore has urged women to stop the in-fighting and stand together to address women’s issues.

Gore said the in-fighting must stop and everyone must work together as women leaders and as representatives of the majority of women in the villages and provinces who cannot speak for themselves.

Gore encouraged women to stand together and talk for the rights of women. 

She said it’s time for a change in attitude.

“When we fight each other we will never get results of what we are standing for so we have to change our attitude of thinking and stand together.

“I appeal to all women to stop the in-fighting that are going on in NCD.

“Women groups in the rural areas do not fight each other but it’s only in the towns and cities that we see women having differences,” Gore said.

Gore stressed that women need a change in attitude to achieve and be heard at what they promote and stand for.

Quintina Naime