Sohe MP

K90,000 to upgrade long-neglected airstrip

MP John Amuli said fixing all the airstrips in the districts is currently his number one priority.

The presentation was done yesterday (Aug 8) in Port Moresby by Amuli to Rural Airstrip Agency’s government liaison officer, Winsome Nenewa.

“We released the first K90,000 to the Rural Airstrip Agency for Ioma Airstrip,” stated Amuli.

“After Ioma Airstrip will be Asimba Airstrip followed by Tetebedi, Kira and Emo.”

Yoma Airstrip is in the sub-district of Tamata. The last time a commercial flight landed on that airstrip was 20 years ago.

Oro MPs officially sworn in

They were sworn in by the Deputy Chief Magistrate, Dessie Magaru.

The leaders include Governor Garry Juffa, Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere and Sohe MP, Henry Amuli.

This swearing in ceremony is of significance as it the first in a while for all Oro members to show solidarity and come together to take an oath to serve the people.

For the past five years, the political leaders of the province have been divided due to their political differences.

Oro MP’s welcomed back home

The leaders were received at Girua airport by Sohe traditional dancers and led to the State House in Popondetta town.

Also present at the airport to welcome the leaders were members of the disciplinary forces, public servants and other distinguished guests.

It is also a significant occasion as it was the first official engagement that all three Oro MPs were seen together since their election wins.

Court kicks out Gore’s review

Gore filed the Judicial Review proceeding following the Leadership Tribunal recommendation on August 10 this year to suspend her from office for three months without entitlements. 

The recommendation came after members of the tribunal made up of Chairman Justice Poole and senior magistrates Mark Selefkariu and Ernest Wilmont found her guilty to one count of misconduct in office.

People will be deprived of representation- Gore’s lawyer

Ian Molloy who is acting for Gore said the Leadership Tribunals recommended penalty suspension of three months without entitlement did not consider the period of automatic suspension Gore was facing.