Secretary for Community Development and Religion

If he loves you…

This was the message from the Secretary for Community Development and Religion, Anna Solomon.

Secretary Solomon was speaking during the opening of the inaugural disciplinary forces’ wives friendly games.

She said the topic of gender-based violence usually dominates women’s conversations, where it is perceived that a man shows his love by assaulting his partner.

“That is bull****. That’s not true,” she said.

The Secretary outlined that attitude problems, including cultural and religious differences, were some of the factors behind this issue.

Addressing violence is everyone’s business: Anna Solomon

Solomon questioned that if we don’t address violence, then who will?

Solomon said at the launch of the National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) 2016-2025 that GBV affects the country as a whole.

Solomon said that GBV undermines the safety, dignity and human rights of individuals who experience violence.

“Violence significantly hinders the ability of individuals to fully participate in and contribute to their communities and the country both economically, politically and socially.