If he loves you…

If he loves you, he will not lay a hand on you.

This was the message from the Secretary for Community Development and Religion, Anna Solomon.

Secretary Solomon was speaking during the opening of the inaugural disciplinary forces’ wives friendly games.

She said the topic of gender-based violence usually dominates women’s conversations, where it is perceived that a man shows his love by assaulting his partner.

“That is bull****. That’s not true,” she said.

The Secretary outlined that attitude problems, including cultural and religious differences, were some of the factors behind this issue.

She also pointed out the misperception behind the term ‘gender’.

Planti wait man kam na ol toktok jenda (gender), jenda and we all think that when we say gender-based violence, em bilong ol mama tasol.

Nogat. You are talking male and female.”

Secretary Solomon said the issue of gender-based violence goes both ways. That is the reason why her department initiated a men’s forum last year.

Meantime, the disciplinary forces’ wives’ games will end today.

(Secretary for Community Development and Religion, Anna Solomon)

Carmella Gware