World Food Safety Day

Food standards for consumer safety

This year's theme, "Food standards save lives," highlights the role of food safety standards in reducing the occurrence of foodborne illnesses. These standards impose responsibilities on food businesses to produce safe and consumable food.

Australia, through the PHAMA Plus initiative, is supporting local businesses in Papua New Guinea, including Tapioca Delight, to revolutionize their operations in the food industry.

PNG to hold Food Safety conference

The theme for this year's observance, "Food Standards Save Lives," was selected by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO) and Codex Alimentarius Commission.

During its 39th session in 2016, the commission unanimously endorsed a proposal to establish World Food Safety Day as a permanent event under the United Nations framework.

Each year, approximately one in ten individuals worldwide falls victim to foodborne illnesses, underscoring the importance of food standards in ensuring the safety of our meals.

NFA Sees Change In Market Requirements

NFA during a presentation at the World Food Safety Day, Acting Manager for the Audit Certification Unit, Josephine Komboi highlighted the importance of developing the National Fish and Fishery Products Standard and its experience and market dimensions and access, which is a help to global trading market.  

Informal Sector An Issue, Says NCDC

Chief Health Surveyor for NCDC, Isowa More, spoke about enforcing food safety standards in a changing and innovative world and the challenges and lessons learnt from NCD.

One of the main activities for NCDC is Health and Food safety inspection of business houses, institutions, etc. and this goes for formal food operators or business.