PNG to hold Food Safety conference

World Food Safety Day is scheduled for 7 June 2023, highlighting the vital role of food standards in saving lives.

The theme for this year's observance, "Food Standards Save Lives," was selected by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO) and Codex Alimentarius Commission.

During its 39th session in 2016, the commission unanimously endorsed a proposal to establish World Food Safety Day as a permanent event under the United Nations framework.

Each year, approximately one in ten individuals worldwide falls victim to foodborne illnesses, underscoring the importance of food standards in ensuring the safety of our meals.

To commemorate this significant occasion, the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, in collaboration with various stakeholders such as the Department of Health, WHO and FAO, will host a World Food Safety conference in Port Moresby.

The event will bring together government policymakers, members of the food industry, and other relevant parties to address issues pertaining to food safety standards.

The conference also seeks to foster a widespread adoption of food safety standards throughout the entire food supply chain, from producers to consumers.

By doing so, the initiative endeavors to mitigate the occurrence of foodborne illnesses and ultimately save lives by preventing the consumption of contaminated food.

Food standards play a vital role in providing guidance to farmers and processors regarding hygienic food handling practices. They establish permissible levels of additives, contaminants, and residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs, ensuring that these substances can be safely consumed.

Additionally, standards dictate the appropriate methods for measuring, packaging, and transporting food to maintain its safety.

Through the application of standards, including nutrition and allergen labeling, consumers gain valuable information about the suitability of food products for their dietary needs.

World Food Safety Day serves as a reminder of the global effort required to uphold food safety standards and protect individuals from the hazards of consuming unsafe food.

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