WaSH facilities

WASH in Health Care facilities

Representatives from 22 Provincial Health Authorities and other health representatives from government and civil society will meet from the 18th to 20th April in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province to review draft national standards and guidelines for WaSH in Healthcare Facilities (HCFs).

Proper Hygiene Facilities For ARoB School

They also have the privilege to learn about the importance of water sanitation and hygiene.

Teacher-in-charge of Br. Felix Koniana Elementary School, Rehab Taiaka, was delighted when her school received two handwashing stations and a new ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine.

In November last year, the AHP-IV WaSH baseline assessment for elementary schools in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARoB) was conducted by Save the Children and found that Br. Felix Koniana Elementary was one of those schools in ARoB that had no WaSH facilities at all.

WaSH Facility Launched In Ginigolo Gunugau

The ventilated improved pit (VIP) facility included nine standard toilets, four for boys and five for girls.

The facility also included, two 9000 liters reserve water tanks and two toilets specifically designed for Persons with Disabilities.

509 students stand to benefit from these facilities.

Ginigolo Gunugau Primary School is one of the selected schools under the WaterAid PNG Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Schools Projects funded through Aqua for Life project (Giorgi Armani) and Latter Day Saints Charity.

New WaSH facilities for Bulolo villages

The facilities were funded by Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture.

The WGJV’s Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WaSH) community development program, in partnership with AT Projects, delivered the new water supply facilities and included the installation of water storage tanks, taps, sinks, showers and toilets.

The water project will improve the lives of over 300 people by providing clean drinking water, washing facilities and improved sanitation through toilet installation.

WASH Facilities Protect Children’s Educational Rights

The provision of these new hand washing stations and water tanks were provided by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) PNG through the PNG-Australia Partnership.

In line with the newly accrued facilities, awareness sessions on COVID-19 were held for the student body and faculty so they can be properly informed on the pandemic and its measures to keep everyone safe.

Uguro welcomes teachers

A teacher by profession, Minister Uguro has assured teachers their welfare remains paramount to his office.  

Meantime, he said the Ministry of Education and its development partners have supported schools with PPEs and WaSH facilities to prevent COVID-19.

He cautioned school administrations that any more suspension of classes will result in schools being penalized if children miss out on instructional hours.

Minister Uguro emphasized that the Pandemic Controller is the only authority to suspend classes in close consultation with the Ministry.