New WaSH facilities for Bulolo villages

Communities in the Levilivan and Zimake villages in the Bulolo District celebrated the opening of their new water supply facilities on May 11th.

The facilities were funded by Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture.

The WGJV’s Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WaSH) community development program, in partnership with AT Projects, delivered the new water supply facilities and included the installation of water storage tanks, taps, sinks, showers and toilets.

The water project will improve the lives of over 300 people by providing clean drinking water, washing facilities and improved sanitation through toilet installation.

Community Affairs Superintendent, Dollie Kumgi, told the people that the company, even though it was still in the permitting phase, is helping its footprint communities live a healthier lifestyle free of sickness and waterborne diseases.

“It’s through working together with your leaders in the Hengambu Landowners Association and community leaders that we see services like this come. We all want our people to have easy access to clean drinking, washing and toilet facilities,” Kumgi said.

At Levilivan (Fly Camp), the WASH Project involved the construction of a new dam, two large storage tanks; installation of three double tub sinks with showers, five drinking taps and four toilets.

At Zimake, the AT Projects team, with the help of locals, installed a dam with three large storage tanks connected to 14 double tub sinks with showers, 14 drinking taps and 14 toilets.

Deputy President of Hengambu Landowner Association, Paul Bana, was overjoyed with the new facilities and thanked WGJV for its continued commitment to assisting the communities with services.

“It is really helping our people with their daily lives, it’s a big service especially for our mothers who don’t have to walk far but can access water at their doorsteps.

“Thank you, the communities, for working closely with WGJV and AT Projects to complete the project. Let’s all take ownership and look after these facilities,” Bana said.

Six WaSH projects have been completed since 2019, including Nambonga, Hekeng, Bavaga and Gingen villages.

The official opening also saw the presentation of certificates to locals for completing health awareness and asset maintenance training.

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