Ward councilor

Aroma villager unaware of candidates

Ward Councilor for Maopa 2 Village, Ravu Vali Kila hopes some form of awareness will be made soon.

“Currently 2022 election in my ward there is about seven open candidates that attended to my ward about their awareness. For regional seat its only one. We have heard that there is a certain number that is going to run for regional seat however we haven’t seen any of them. But for District there is about five. After the writs open we will know how many are running for regional seat and how many are running for the Open seat, so from there we will know and cast our votes.”

Tough year for ward councilor

Keu said access to water to wash, drink and cook has always been a problem for the 2000 plus villagers of Kemabolo in Central Province.

“We have a water tank up at the school and small creeks here too, but when they dry up, we have problems.”

She added that submissions for water projects taken up to authorities in the last five years had seen nothing done about the water problems in the village.

“Nothing at all has been done. I also did that for chicken projects for the women but nothing happened. I wanted a hall for the community for big events but still nothing.

Manus Islanders work towards addressing sea level rise

The people of Mbuke Island in Manus Province have taken the initiative to find ways to adapt to this natural impact.

Ward councilor Selarn Kaluwin said they’ve been working towards addressing the issue for years now, which is progressing well.

Kaluwin said they already have adaptation plans in place which include coastal rehabilitation programs.

“We are still facing these problems and have looked at options in trying to adapt.

“These include building a sea wall and planting mangroves, which are working really well for us.