Aroma villager unaware of candidates

Maopa Village in the Aroma LLG of Abau District would like to be made aware of who is intending to contest the 2022 National General Elections.

Ward Councilor for Maopa 2 Village, Ravu Vali Kila hopes some form of awareness will be made soon.

“Currently 2022 election in my ward there is about seven open candidates that attended to my ward about their awareness. For regional seat its only one. We have heard that there is a certain number that is going to run for regional seat however we haven’t seen any of them. But for District there is about five. After the writs open we will know how many are running for regional seat and how many are running for the Open seat, so from there we will know and cast our votes.”

Councilor Ravu said that his encouragement to the people is to check out candidates and assess carefully before casting their votes.

He said that as a ward member, it is his duty to take the lead when candidates come for awareness to the villages in the ward, he makes sure the villagers understand the message candidates share, as some would need proper translations.

Election writs were issued on Thursday 12th May, 2022. However, nominations, which were supposed to have followed immediately, were deferred out of respect for the sudden death of the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, the Late Sam Basil, who died in a fatal car crash on Wednesday 11th May.

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