Manus Islanders work towards addressing sea level rise

Sea level rise is the impact of climate change and is affecting Pacific Island countries, where Papua New Guinea is no exception.

The people of Mbuke Island in Manus Province have taken the initiative to find ways to adapt to this natural impact.

Ward councilor Selarn Kaluwin said they’ve been working towards addressing the issue for years now, which is progressing well.

Kaluwin said they already have adaptation plans in place which include coastal rehabilitation programs.

“We are still facing these problems and have looked at options in trying to adapt.

“These include building a sea wall and planting mangroves, which are working really well for us.

“We have also talked to provincial government officials that visited us last week and they’re pleased with our plans and activities and they’ll provide the support we need,” Kaluwin stated.

He added that their long term plan will be to resettle on the main island and they’re already in talks to carry out the relocation exercise.

Picture courtesy of Selarn Kaluwin

Quintina Naime