Victor Isouve

Leave granted to review Isouve suspension

The National Court today granted his application, seeking leave to review Police Commissioner Gari Baki's decision to suspend him on 23 March.

Baki's lawyer argued in court that Isouve did not exhaust administrative remedies before coming to court.

Isouve's lawyer Greg Kunjip put to court that the purported suspension notice of 23 March was erroneous, defective and unlawful.

He said suspension notices are usually for a mandatory period of 21 days. In this case, Isouve was suspended for 15 days.

ACP Crimes responds

Isouve alleged that he had put together a six member team of investigators to look into allegations made against a senior officer of the police hierarchy by the complainant; a Malaysian man (named).

The Malaysian complainant was deported by the government on the 20th of June back in 2016.

Prior to his deportation, the certain senior police officer as well as a number of other senior officers of the hierarchy including immigration and migration officers seized the man against his will and he was locked up at a certain location (known).

Motion seeking prevention of Commissioner’s inquiry adjourned

The motion was brought to the National Court’s Justice Allan David this morning amongst other motions from parties involved in the proceeding filed by Damaru against his suspension of April 16.

Damaru’s lawyer Greg Egan briefly informed the court of the motion that was filed on April 29.

The motion seeks orders of the National Court to prevent Commissioner Gari Baki from conducting an inquiry into the directorate as well as lift the blockade of the fraud.

The inquiry into the office has since commenced.

Investigations under Crimes Directorate to continue

This was the assurance given by the director of crimes Moses Ibsagi who told PNG Loop that his officers will still continue in their duties on outstanding cases that they are working on.

Ibsagi says that it is business as usual and says that the Directorate of crimes goes about carrying out its mandated duties as investigating officers.

Meantime, Assistant police commissioner of Crimes Victor Isouve says that all investigations including the main Hanuabada and Payroll fraud cases are continuing.

Gulf woman charged for misappropriation

Head of the RPNGC’s Crimes Directorate, Acting Assistant Commissioner Victor Isouve was responding yesterday in the wake of investigations into allegations of massive theft and embezzlement within the Gulf Provincial Government.

Acting ACP Isouve issued this statement after a woman accused of misappropriating K30,000 belonging to the Gulf Provincial Government was arrested and charged on Tuesday March 15, 2016 with one count of Misappropriation under Section 383A of the Criminal Code Act.