Sumkar MP

MP Died Of Acute Kidney Injury

Madang Provincial Health Authority Chief Executive Officer, Fedilish Waipma in a press conference yesterday doctors Dr. Jude Gawi told the media that late Nangoi was admitted at Modilon hospital and was treated with shortness of breath.

He said according to doctors findings after being treated and under their care for three days, they discovered he had septic shock with metabolic Acidosis leading to him having kidney injury and multi-organ failure that led to his death.

Sumkar MP adamant to change district

The Sumkar district authority funded a facility to process roofing irons and metal walling.

The roofing iron and metal walling will be processed and distributed to every household on Karkar Island and the Sumgilbar local level government areas which make up Sumkar district.

Mr Nangoi aimed to build modern homes for every household in the electorate by 2030.

He said the Sumkar district development authority has rolled out the project under a tight funding of K500, 000.

Sumkar petition withdrawn

This time, it’s the petition filed by former chief justice and Madang governor Sir Arnold Amet over the Sumkar seat.

Sir Arnold filed the petition against Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi.

Nangoi’s lawyer informed the court on Monday that a notice of discontinuance in the proceeding was filed by Sir Arnold’s lawyer on Oct 5.

The court accordingly allowed the withdrawal of the petition and ordered for the security bond fee of K5,000 to be refunded to the petitioner.