Sir Arnold Amet

Appointment of care-taker government, illegal: Former CJ

Sir Arnold clarified that under Section 146 of the constitution, the resignation will only be effective, once it is sent in writing to the Head of State of Papua New Guinea, who is the Governor General.

Sir Arnold added that the announcement by O’Neill to step down on Sunday was not effective.

Journos, editors urged to push boundaries

Sir Arnold Amet noted that “the independence and integrity of some of these institutions were subject to patronization and favouritism”.

The former Attorney General and Minister for Justice made the observations when addressing the 2018 World Press Freedom Day celebrations in Divine Word University in his hometown of Madang on May 4.

Sir Arnold said the abuses of power were taking place in a country when so many of its citizens in the rural areas and urban fringes were affected by illiteracy and lack of education and do not know their rights well and cannot speak up.

Amet calls on Govt to terminate Nautilus partnership

Sir Arnold made the comments in light of Nautilus struggling to raise sufficient funding for immediate working capital requirements and facilitate payments required to continue the development of the seafloor production system, to be used at the Solwara 1 Project.

The comments are made also in light of the resignation of Russel Debney in December 2017 as director and chairman of Nautilus. He had been on the Nautilus board since 2006.

Former minister joins opposition against seabed mining

Sir Arnold Amet says it is understandable that Nautilus shareholders want to protect their own financial interests but new investors should beware - the Solwara 1 project is very high risk.

“The muddy puddle at the so-called test site at Motukea Island is not fit for purpose. It will not provide any evidence that these machines won't malfunction at the intended operating depth of 1.6km. The hulks are already deteriorating in our tropical conditions,” points out Sir Arnold.

Sumkar petition withdrawn

This time, it’s the petition filed by former chief justice and Madang governor Sir Arnold Amet over the Sumkar seat.

Sir Arnold filed the petition against Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi.

Nangoi’s lawyer informed the court on Monday that a notice of discontinuance in the proceeding was filed by Sir Arnold’s lawyer on Oct 5.

The court accordingly allowed the withdrawal of the petition and ordered for the security bond fee of K5,000 to be refunded to the petitioner.

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Baki flawed over suspension, says former CJ

Former Chief Justice and Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet says the police commissioner's claim that he needs to give approval for any fraud squad investigation is flawed.

State-of-the-art hospital for Enga

Baki flawed over suspension, says former CJ

The comment from Sir Arnold came as Commissioner Gari Baki suspended anti-fraud detectives who had been investigating a major fraud case implicating the prime minister Peter O'Neill.

After being the subject of a stay order since 2014, the investigation resumed two weeks ago, prompting the arrests of the prime minister's lawyer, the attorney-general and a Supreme Court judge last week.

Baki had accused the suspended fraud squad officers of insubordination and circumventing police procedures by not keeping him informed of the fraud case.