School children blessed

Many school children will be in school for the start of their school year and as part of the church programmes, school children were bestowed blessings from the church elders before starting their academic year.

The Foursquare Living Light church in Port Moresby yesterday (Sunday) morning was packed to capacity as students were blessed by church elders.

Students from elementary to tertiary institutions were in attendance.

Picture courtesy by Pastor Rodney Tomuriesa

Student dies in road accident

One mother said her son lied to her earlier in the day when he said he was going to Vision City to meet some friends.

The first policeman at the scene of the accident who accompanied the students to the Port Moresby General Hospital believes the more than ten students; both male and female may have told their parents and guardians the same story.

They believe the students, all from the Port Moresby International High School, met at Vision City and got on a PMV bus they hired for an “outing” at Sogeri.

Students injured in freak bus accident

Two of them have been admitted while four were taken to Pacific International Hospital by their families. Another four were treated and released.

Most of the students are believed to be between grades 9 -12.

Early reports online spoke of possubly two or more deaths in the accident but these could not be confirmed tonight. However LOOP News was told by a  hospital worker that one student died and was taken to the morgue.

“I say this because I took the principal there to identify the body,” he says. This could not be verified tonight.

Convicted students lawyer ask for lenience sentencing

Tande Joseph and Peter Martin were found guilty to one count of manslaughter by Justice George Manuhu on April 15.

They were found guilty for the death of Obediah Igish, a third year Anthropology student who was involved in a drunken brawl with the accused at the University bus stop in 2012

They appeared in court today (June 17) where their lawyer asked for a sentence of seven years to be given.

They also asked that the court uses its digression to reduce the sentence or give them a non-custodial sentence.