Sogeri Floriculture Show

The show will be held from the 16th to the 19th of September at Depo village.

President of the association, Margaret Ufa made an open invitation to residents from the Central province and NCD to participate in the activity.

“We are looking at having the financial members of the association that will be showcasing their floral attires, as well as their arts and crafts and garden produce as well. We have 30 stalls that will be on sale for K200 for the four days, s that is K50 per day, we have already booked some.

Man mentally unstable after consuming ‘ginger’

This follows his successful appeal against that sentence term.

A three-judge Supreme Court quashed the life sentence because they were of the view the trial judge made some errors.

It found that the National Court did not give enough regard to mitigating factors such as his early plea, absences of planning and Tauba Laiam’s contention that his mind was affected after his father-in-law gave him ‘ginger’.

The Supreme Court today ordered a fresh warrant of commitment to reflect the 30-year sentence.

VIDEO: Father’s response to Sogeri attempted hold-up

For a husband, father and the driver of the vehicle that carried a family of five including two children who merely escaped a life and death experience at the hands of thugs on Saturday afternoon; it was a reaction that resulted only on the thought of getting his family away unharmed.

Vled Steljic's quick reaction not only saved his life, but that of his entire family as well.


Imelda Wavik with more 

Father’s response to Sogeri attempted hold-up

For the husband, father and the driver of the vehicle that Saturday afternoon, it was a reaction that resulted from the thought of keeping his family alive.

This Vled Steljic’s response.

In an exclusive interview with the couple this morning, Steljic said his reaction at that moment was nothing more than what any normal father would do.

He said: “I didn’t want to think about anything else except to get out of that situation – to save my family”.

The couple stated that it was a traumatising experience; especially with their children on board.

Attempted hold up captured and shared online

If not for the quick reaction of the father, the family including two children aged 6 and 8, could have fallen victim to the group of men that attempted to hold them up.

The whole ordeal had been captured with a dash board camera.

Roxy Steljic and her husband are administration workers at Pacific Adventist University. They were on a tour trip to Sogeri with her father in-law who had just flown in from Australia for the first time, and despite PNG’s bad reputation, were determined to have a good time when they were nearly attacked.

From a casual power operator to a business man

Degini Dick, 44, saved K40 from his fortnight for almost 14 years to start his fuel station in the Sogeri plateau.

Dick told Loop PNG that he has never received any assistance from the members of Parliament or any Government assistance but started his business from his own sweat.

He said getting to where he is now was not an easy thing as one has to sacrifice time and money to achieve his dream.

“My family is very supportive of the decision I made and sacrifice most of our time without complaining but trusting God to help us in achieving my dream.

Kokoda lifesavers now saving money

The program brought BSP rural agents to Kokoda and Sogeri, in Central Province, to enable Village Health Volunteers (VHV) to complete the necessary paperwork.

VHVs are paid allowances when they take part in Kokoda Initiative health patrols and other activities. Now they can be paid directly into their bank accounts, eliminating the risks of carrying large amounts of cash into remote communities.

Participants complete Kokoda for Kidneys trek

It is an initiative to raise funds for prominent radio broadcaster, Roger Hau’ofa.

Hau'ofa’s daughter and team leader of the K4K team, Michelle Hau'ofa, says her father has been diagnosed with kidney failure and at the moment, there is no support of any sort, let alone kidney treatment, in PNG.

Michelle says they cannot get into the kidney foundation treatment because there are only two machines at running capacity. They also have to pay K1000 for a dialysis session at a private hospital and it's out of reach for most Papua New Guineans.

Student dies in road accident

One mother said her son lied to her earlier in the day when he said he was going to Vision City to meet some friends.

The first policeman at the scene of the accident who accompanied the students to the Port Moresby General Hospital believes the more than ten students; both male and female may have told their parents and guardians the same story.

They believe the students, all from the Port Moresby International High School, met at Vision City and got on a PMV bus they hired for an “outing” at Sogeri.

Sogeri students run Games Baton

The Oil Search Games Relay continued its 100 days journey throughout the country with both schools among hundreds visited so far in the past 92 days.

The students at Sogeri welcomed the baton with a marching band and later ran the baton around the school while wearing their house colors red, green, blue and yellow.

Principal Kive Kererembo thanked the Relay team for visiting the school as many of the students come from other parts of the country.

On behalf of the students, the principal conveyed their best wishes to Team PNG, encouraging them to win more medals.