Students injured in freak bus accident

The Accident and Emergency section of the Port Moresby General Hospital has confirmed that 10 students of Port Moresby International School were rushed in with injuries from an accident along the Sogeri highway this afternoon.

Two of them have been admitted while four were taken to Pacific International Hospital by their families. Another four were treated and released.

Most of the students are believed to be between grades 9 -12.

Early reports online spoke of possubly two or more deaths in the accident but these could not be confirmed tonight. However LOOP News was told by a  hospital worker that one student died and was taken to the morgue.

“I say this because I took the principal there to identify the body,” he says. This could not be verified tonight.

According to an eye witness the students were travelling down to Port Moresby in a 15 seater bus when it ran off the road and plunged down a cliff.

Details of exactly what caused the accident are unknown at this stage.

Our attempts to get confirmation from Central Province police were unsuccessful.

Relatives of those at the hospital did not want to speak to the media.



Joy Kisselpar