Students warned against committing crime

Year 12 legal studies students of Mainohana Catholic Secondary school in Bereina, Central Province were issued the warning by Criminal judge of 16 years, Justice Panuel Mogish. 

Justice Mogish warned the students against drinking and cult activities and also committing crimes that are normally committed by adults during the court user forum in the station on Friday.

PM O’Neill condemns agitators behind UPNG confrontation

The Prime Minister has further announced that an inquiry will be undertaken to determine the underlying reasons for continued student unrest promoted by individuals outside the student body.

The inquiry will also seek to uncover the source of external funding that has underwritten student protest in recent weeks.

“This protest and the factors that led to the incident today have been driven by people who are not students,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is now a law and order issues. We must obtain the facts and ensure this does not happen again in the future.

Police say situation at University is calm

Loop PNG was informed by a policeman that the situation is now under control.

He said policemen are now concentrating the manpower at Morata to stop fighting which as spilled over from the students protest.

Meanwhile, Police confirmed that the burning of the truck outside UPNG campus is the work of opportunists.

Sir Michael condemns actions of police at UPNG

Sir Michael in a statement said: "It is inexcusable that unarmed students are fired upon by police as they prepare to peacefully march on to Parliament.

"We need to establish who gave the orders for policemen to inflict harm on unarmed students. What warranted police to surround the campus in the first instance?

“Is the University safeguarding the interest of our young people?

"I call on police to stand down in the interest of the public, you are not there to protect the interest of individual politicians.”

PM to set up Commission of Inquiry into students’ issue

He said points have been made in a democratic way and points have been answered but yet some people  do not  want to accept the answers.

O’Neill was responding to Northern Governor Garry Juffa on naming the leaders who the government claimed to be backing the students with their protest.

He said the matter has now a police matter so the police will deal with it and carry out their investigations.

“We will set up a Commission of Inquiry to establish what is going on at the University of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

Opposition calls for release of students in Wewak

He said such arrests and detainment is uncalled for in a democratic country like PNG; it is unlawful and might lead to chaos in the country.

“Students should not be locked up in prison.”

Polye said the students were just practicing their rights to do awareness and inform their parents and the people of the nation about issues affecting the country.

“For the police to lock them up in cells is uncalled for and morally wrong.”

Polye is calling on Police Commissioner Gari Baki to direct his police commander in Wewak, East Sepik, to release the students.

UPNG students and staff feel the squeeze

Malakai Tabar's comment comes after the UPNG yesterday suspended the first semester and gave about 5,000 students occupying its campuses 48 hours to leave.

For almost four weeks they've boycotted their classes while demanding that Prime Minister Peter O'Neill stand aside and face police questioning over an alleged fraud case.

UPNG students gathered in their thousands to demand that the prime minister Peter O'Neill stand aside to face questioning over a fraud case. Photo: upng4png

Tabar willing to meet with UPNG again: Mellam

UPNG vice-chancellor Professor Albert Mellam told students at the Medical Faculty this afternoon: “The SRC wrote a letter to the registrar to seek the university’s assistance in bringing the prime minister and the police commissioner, or their representatives, to the university to receive the petition.

“On the basis of those options, the government decided to have a government team receive the petition. And as we all know, that never happened.

Suspects involved in student’s stabbing surrender to police

The incident took place last Monday night while the third year Divine Word University (DWU) student was walking up to the DWU paramedical campus with his backpack containing his school issued laptop.

The rural health student was approached by a group of armed youths with bush knives. While in the process of defending himself, he sustained a deep cut on the left side of his neck.

The youths ran off with the student’s backpack while he was taken to the hospital, where he received 10 stitches.

Govt hands over Games Villages to University of PNG

Representing the PNG National Government was Minister for Sorts, tourism and culture  Justin Tkatchenko, the Governor of NCD Powes Parkop and on behalf of the Prime Minister at occasion was the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Malakhai Tabar.

Before officially handing over the key to the UPNG administration, Minister Tkatchenko challenged the students and the administration to take good care of the complex facility as it one of the world class facilities in the Pacific.