Somare 80th Birthday

Birthday goers return home from Wewak

Sir Michael exclusively told Loop PNG that he was happy with the outcome of his birthday and for his friends for making it successful.

In a brief interview at Boram airport, Sir Michael said he must involve himself in the celebrations and make sure his overseas friends and expatriates leave with a happy heart.

He was at the airport farewelling his friends when Loop PNG caught up with him. Loop PNG will be doing an exclusive interview with him this evening awaiting his response after his busy schedule.

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Sir Michael declares retirement

Founding father of this great nation, Sir Michael Somare, last night officially announced his retirement from politics.


Basil takes opportunity to reconcile with Chief

Sir Michael declares retirement

Declaring his retirement during his 80th birthday celebration in front of his family, friends and dignitaries from overseas and within the country,  Sir Michael said 'it is time' for him to sit and see his baby country grow.

"So many challenges have come on me but I didn't give up. I stood up for this beautiful nation."

He thanked his beautiful wife Lady Veronica for standing beside him and supporting him during his political  challenges.

Sir Michael served this country for 48 years, the longest in the Commonwealth countries.

He turned 80 yesterday.

Polye pays homage: Sir Michael a selfless leader

Polye when thanking Sir Michael for what he has done during his 80th birthday celebration in Wewak,  said Sir Michael had the heart for PNG and not only ESP.

He said Sir Michael had done so much for the country and produced many young vibrant leaders to get the country forward.

Polye presented an artist portrait of himself and Sir Michael waving hands as a sign of following the footsteps of the great leader.

Hela hail’s Chief Sir Michael on 80th birthday

Representing the landowners Andy Hamango thanked Sir Michael for recognising them as a province and for making the PNG LNG project a reality.

 Hamango also thanked his son Arthur for his contributions towards the LNG project.

Sir Michael was also made a chief for the Hela people.

 Meanwhile, gifts from MPs and expatriates are continuing to pour into Sir Michael's arena. Sir Michael turns 80 today.

Basil takes opportunity to reconcile with Chief

Basil’s reconciliation with Sir Michael was for what he said during a political impasse in 2011. Basil told Sir Michael to get out of Parliament as "he was a stranger in the Chamber".

 "I am very sorry for what I said and take those words back."

“Sir Michael is not a stranger in the House but we, young people are strangers in the House," Basil said.

Sir Michael in accepting Basil's apology was in tears. Basil was accompanied by Goilala MP William Sam.

Thousands flock to celebrate Sir Michael’s 80th birthday

Among the very important people are former members of parliament Sir Peter Barter, Sir Arnold Amet, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Dadi Toka from Hanuabada and others.

Also in attendance to witness the celebration was Sir Michael's son Arthur Somare and other expatriates from overseas.

Also in attendance were Madang Governor Jim Kas and people of Madang with their gifts.

Meanwhile people are still flocking to the stadium.

Happy 80th birthday Sir Michael Thomas Somare!

Expatriates and tourists from overseas and within the country have flown to Wewak for this special occasion.

Sir Michael turns 80 today.

He is the longest serving Member of Parliament in the Commonwealth nations.

Currently Sir Michael is the Governor for East Sepik Province.

The main birthday celebration will be tonight with fireworks and traditional singings and other activities.

Speculations have been going around that Sir Michael will also officially announce his retirement and announce a predecessor.

Sir Michael to be honoured in Walk for Life

This is part of the 80th birthday celebration for the East Sepik Governor, and nation’s first prime minister.  

Sir Michael turns 80 today, and people of East Sepik, current and former parliamentarians and VIPs are now honouring the life of the longest serving parliamentarian in the Commonwealth at Sir Michael Thomas Somare Stadium at Kaltex.            

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, a man on a mission encouraging a change of lifestyle to live longer will be leading the walk.