Sir Michael Somare

B’ville urged to be guided by inner wisdom

Sir Michael Somare in a statement said as Bougainvilleans make their voices heard in the Referendum, it is his hope that PNG remains “united and free” in the aftermath of this historic poll.

He said the referendum is a powerful vote and he urged Bougainvilleans throughout PNG and abroad to be aware that 21 other provinces remain silent but watchful as they vote for either greater autonomy or Independence.

The Bougainville conflict was the result of issues that were never satisfactorily addressed in relation to the Bougainville Copper mine.

Sir Michael saddened by Manus issue

The Grand Chief said it is with sadness that he watched two countries play football with the lives of refugees on Manus Island.

The founding father of the nation has come out in statement to say that acts of violence have been perpetrated with impunity and worse still, lives have been lost.

Grand Chief Somare said he had raised this issue of inhumane treatment while in parliament and was accused of being party to the Australia/PNG plan to set up the Manus Regional Processing Centre.

Provincials days preserve our culture: Somare

“We need to hear more about our different cultures and it’s good if these people could also write their own folklores,” says Sir Michael Somare.

Sir Michael says such events allow the people of a particular place to narrow down and portray on what they believe in.

But Sir Michael adds that more should be done.

He states the shows are telling a story…but folklores must also be written to capture these beliefs and traditions.

Somare to witness event from public gallery

The former East Sepik Governor retired from politics in the last Parliament sitting before the country went for the national election.

For 49 consecutive years, he was given the mandate by the people of East Sepik.

Meanwhile, the 10th Parliament is waiting for the arrival of Chief Justice Sir Salomo Injia to chair the nomination and voting of the Speaker.

All elected members are in the chambers.

Sir Michael casts vote

PNG's first prime minister bowed out of politics with the tag as the longest serving politician in the country, and also in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Sir Michael voted at the Wewak Hill polling booth in the Wewak Urban ward.

He casted his vote in front of Lady Veronica Somare, and East Sepik Regional candidates Dulciana Somare and Alan Bird.

This term of Parliament was Sir Michael's final term as a public servant.

Provincial Election Manager Kila Ralai confirmed that Wewak Urban will have two days of polling.

Candidate: Somare gave me his blessing

“Mi sindaun na askim Sir Michael Somare, mi tokim em papa las minute, mi senism tingting na laik ron lo eleksen,” Alan Bird said.  (I sat with Sir Michael Somare and told him at the last minute that I have changed my mind; I am thinking of contesting in the elections.)

“Papa tupla eleksen mi salensim yu, mi laik sanap ken, yu ting wanem?” (Father, for two elections, I have challenged you and am thinking of standing again, what is your opinion?

Alternative government leaders confident to form new government

Party leaders and representatives from the former opposition parties/ranks together with the National Alliance Party are happy to join forces again.

They acknowledged that the collective experience of the various groups and positive influences that come with it will bolster nationwide support for a change in government to arrest and stabilize our spiraling economic downfall and ever-declining social ills.

Sir Michael says current political trend too weak

Speaking at his farewell ceremony organised by New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan on Tuesday, Sir Michael said leaders in past governments always work together to unite the people of the country and not to create divisions.

“We always have this in our heart and mind to put our people first and to unite them despite our cultures and different languages.

“We strive and take heed of our fellow leaders’ advice and always put our country first,” said Sir Michael.

He added that young leaders sometimes disobeyed advice which always leads to wrong directions.

Micah describes Sir Michael as true son of New Ireland

When officially welcoming Sir Michael into the province, Micah said no one in PNG can match the leadership qualities of Sir Michael and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.

He said it is their fight for independence that really stood out against all other leaders.

He further thanked their families especially their wives for giving them the strength to push for the country's independence.

Sir Michael was invited to New Ireland to be farewell by Sir Julius in a New Ireland way.

The Grand Chief retired from politics after serving the nation for 49 years.

Sir Julius in tears as he farewells Sir Michael

Sir Julius said Sir Michael’s farewell is truly a day to reflect on the past and all they have been through.

“For we have been through much and share many memories.

“We were both elected to the second house of assembly in 1968 and have known each other for more than fifty years. What a journey it has been,” Sir Julius recalled.

He said they both decided on the form of government we should have to adopt a constitution and established a financial system by creating a Central Bank and our own currency.