Sam Koim

Koim welcomes GST decision

With the interim order in place, IRC will not be splitting the GST and paying directly to Central Provincial Government, Gulf Provincial Government and Motu Koitabu Assembly.

The National Capital District Commission will be distributing instead.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said NCDC will continue to honor its commitment with the Central Province and Motu Koita Assembly.

However, it will not make any payments to the Gulf Provincial Government.

IRC to address Tax on Consultants

IRC Commissioner General, Sam Koim, says the current tax on consultants is being abused by companies.


Koim said their concern is the manipulation of this tax arrangement by companies who engage people as consultants, but, who fill in line positions or jobs.


IRC undertakes de-grouping

IRC Commissioner General, Sam Koim, says the aim of the exercise is to accurately record Goods & Services Tax at the point of sale, in whichever province it may be in, and revert the GST distribution to that Province.

Under the current tax legislation, the IRC distributes 60% of GST attributed to the Point of Sale back to the province in which the transaction was made.

During the signing of the MoU for the establishment of an IRC Office in Gulf Province, IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim, said the IRC was undertaking a de-grouping exercise for GST collections.

IRC to prosecute

IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim says the organization has profiled a number of cases and will begin prosecutions very soon.

Speaking at the launching of the IRC’s 2021 Work Plan, Commissioner General, Sam Koim, said the IRC will begin criminal prosecutions for persons and organizations involved in tax offences.

Koim said the only way to deter tax offenders is to imprison perpetrators.

“If you effectively put people behind bars that’s the time that people will change. That the time tax fraudsters will change,” said Koim.

K9b projected Tax revenue

IRC Commissioner General, Sam Koim, says in the current environment they will be able to meet or surpass that target.

 “The budget for this year the projections is about K8.1 billion for this year, that’s the money we will be transferring to the WPA. But our collections should be around K9 billion because we also collect GST and transfer 60% back to the Provinces and then GST Refunds.

“If everything works well, we are very optimistic that we will meet the target or even exceed it. That depends on COVID-19 and other unforeseen circumstances,” said Koim.

IRC opens office in Jiwaka

The Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) now has an office at the Jiwaka provincial headquarters at Kurumul.

The office was officially opened on January 11th by Jiwaka Governor, Dr. William Tongamp, and Commissioner General of IRC, Sam Koim.

The office was allocated by the Jiwaka Provincial Government as part of its objective to empower and benefit from revenues generated by IRC in the province.

IRC assigned three officers to Jiwaka and also delivered a new Toyota Land Cruiser to support the work in Jiwaka.

IRC Mendi office to reopen


This was confirmed in a meeting held between the Southern Highlands Provincial Administrator, Joseph Kajetan, and IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim in Mendi yesterday.

The IRC office in Mendi closed down in 2017 during election related violence.

Since then Southern Highlands taxpayers were serviced by the Hagen Regional Tax Centre. The Commissioner General and the IRC team visited Mendi to see the business activities in the province and explore the possibility of reopening its office.

IRC has no place for corrupt officers: Koim

Mr Koim made this bold statement after announcing the arrest of one officer and the dismissal of another for separate misconducts.  

The terminated officer worked at IRC for 10 years, moving up the ranks to be a manager at the Debt Recovery Division (DLED). He used his position to print out a consolidated statement of accounts for particular taxpayer in 2019 which was subsequently used to extort money from that taxpayer. He was dismissed from IRC.

Burdensome processes give rise to corruption: IRC

It is hoped that the renewal of the memorandum of understanding between the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) and the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) will reduce it.

The MOU signed between the two agencies on the 14th of May allows for an efficient, streamlined process.

IRC Commissioner General, Sam Koim, said this partnership, which was first signed in 2013, allows ease of access for citizens and clients.

Tax relief measures announced

In a statement released on March 31st, the Commissioner General, Sam Koim, said “in the face of this crisis, we are immediately responding to keep the taxpaying community’s productive capacity intact as much as possible. Figuratively speaking, we have to keep the cows alive so that they continue to produce the milk after this crisis”.

“Although we as a country have so far been saved from this virus, we are inescapably vulnerable to the impact it will have on our economy.  We are not oblivious to that hence these measures to supplement the Government’s overall stimulus package.