Koim welcomes GST decision

IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim has welcomed the decision by the National Court which ordered for an interim order on the distributing of the NCD 60 per cent GST.

With the interim order in place, IRC will not be splitting the GST and paying directly to Central Provincial Government, Gulf Provincial Government and Motu Koitabu Assembly.

The National Capital District Commission will be distributing instead.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said NCDC will continue to honor its commitment with the Central Province and Motu Koita Assembly.

However, it will not make any payments to the Gulf Provincial Government.

“This requirement is preposterous and should not be included at all in the first place. It has no logic and sets a very bad president.

“The Supreme court has not made any order so we are not going to make any payments to them, but happy to assist them if they have any good project proposals that can benefit both NCD and Gulf,” said Governor Parkop.

Commissioner Sam Koim said IRC acted to slice the GST and pay directly because NCDC ceased paying the three sub-national governments.

“Now with the court Order, NCDC should do what they have admittedly been doing in distributing to the three sub-national governments, while awaiting the Court to settle this issue once and for all,” said Koim.

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