No Tax Increase on Public Servants Salaries

The Department of Personnel Management (DPM) has clarified that there is no Tax increase on Public Servants salaries.

Secretary Ms. Taies Sansan affirmed that Internal Revenue Commission Commissioner General Sam Koim has confirmed there is no tax increase affecting public servants' salaries.

Secretary Sansan has clarified that the Internal Memo dated 9th January 2024, which was circulated internally in DPM and went viral on social media was information for internal consumption however ended up on social media.

"In the midst of establishing anomalies brought to Payroll by our staff, the Internal Memo was issued. We are working with the Department of Finance to establish the Payroll glitch and address it".

Secretary Sansan sincerely apologises for any ·inconvenience the circulation of the Internal Memo that was intended for internal consumption may have caused.

A joint statement by the Department of Finance, DPM and IRC will be issued later

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