Sago Network

WaSH Training For Locals

The Sago Network in collaboration with the Lakani Toi Memorial Church completed a four-week training this week.

Dadi Toka Jr, who was present at the closing expressed sentiments of the WaSH needs of Motu Koita villages.

“Motu-Koita villages, although you see us right in the hub of a thriving metropolis, we are still underdeveloped. There is certain infrastructure, which we have not benefited from since the development of the city,” he said.

Sago Dry Toilet Launched

The Sago Dry toilet was piloted under the Laurabada Hygiene and Sanitation programme that involved training of women under Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WaSH) programme.

The Sago Dry toilet is an appropriate technology based toilet featured for high water table areas has been implemented in parts of Western province.


Ward Member, Councilor Rarua Dikana initiated the project activities and was launched jointly by Motu Koita Assembly Chairman, Dadi Toka Jr and Councilor Dikana.

Everyday People: Karokapi Gure

Karokapi said an important lesson that she will always remember from her family is to ‘Always be there for people.’ A key reminder as she works in an organization that is people-centered.

The young woman said she loves her job as it allows her to “Get to meet a lot of people from different fields” and travel around as well.

She has worked for the Sago Network for a year now. When asked if she sees herself in the organization in the near future, she replied: “I do see myself growing in the organization that I am in.”