WaSH Training For Locals

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) training is important to every community and there is a need for Motu Koita villages to embrace the program, says Motu Koita Assembly Chairman, Dadi Toka Jr.

The Sago Network in collaboration with the Lakani Toi Memorial Church completed a four-week training this week.

Dadi Toka Jr, who was present at the closing expressed sentiments of the WaSH needs of Motu Koita villages.

“Motu-Koita villages, although you see us right in the hub of a thriving metropolis, we are still underdeveloped. There is certain infrastructure, which we have not benefited from since the development of the city,” he said.

Mr Toka Jr congratulated the ward member for his initiatives in bringing change to the community as well as the Sago Network for collaborating with the councilor.

One of the participants, Konio Momo Morea was one of the fortunate recipients of the two pilot toilets and her husband Arua Morea said it is a very impressive structure with all features of WaSH being capture.  

Mr Morea said, “It looks like a small building but it’s very valuable using it because it has the functions under the health and hygienic process.”

Program Manager, Helen Torie said the program started in November 2021, aimed at increasing women participation in community-led development programs through WaSH, which includes the installation of sago dry toilets and solar lights.

“Today 10 women from the Women’s Fellowship Group of the Lakani Toi Memorial Church have participated and completed Community Action Planning. It is beyond just WaSH and sanitation.

The CAP component of the training covered program management, budgeting, how to look after a small project as well as COVID-19 awareness prevention.

Frieda Kana