Lakani Toi Memorial Church

WaSH Training For Locals

The Sago Network in collaboration with the Lakani Toi Memorial Church completed a four-week training this week.

Dadi Toka Jr, who was present at the closing expressed sentiments of the WaSH needs of Motu Koita villages.

“Motu-Koita villages, although you see us right in the hub of a thriving metropolis, we are still underdeveloped. There is certain infrastructure, which we have not benefited from since the development of the city,” he said.

Women make up majority of unbanked PNG population

While it’s a different reason for each individual, the common reason stands as financial illiteracy and long bank processes.

Arua Ginate, from Port Moresby’s largest coastal village, Hanuabada, expressed her thoughts on this during a recent graduation from a basic financial literacy course.

Arua, 65, is a pioneer participant of the Givim Han Long Laip Projek rolled out by Women in Business this year.