Women in Business

Women empowered to start business

Twenty-five thousand women in the Port Moresby North East Electorate have been empowered to venture into SME after completing a financial literacy-training program.

The certificate they receive from this training will enable them to apply for funding support from the Moresby North East Holdings.

The SME policy by the Government is empowering women to venture out and earn their own money instead of depending on their husbands, partners or family members.

Data important for women in business

But with the APEC/ Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy, this data is important.

A series of activities are currently on-going in the county, to gather this information, like the PPWE workshop and expo.

These exercises are carried out by the Department for community development and religion in partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises Corporation (SMEC).

A survey was conducted in April 2017, for the NCD area, but was halted after facing shortage of fund.

Taylor acknowledges late Sape

Tayor said the late Janet was an aggressive and enthusiastic supporter of the financial empowerment of women in PNG.

Taylor said this when acknowledging the progress PNG has made in making finance accessible for women.

She highlighted the establishment of the Women in Business which the late Janet Sape was an integral founder.

“I commend Papua New Guinea Women in Business which has established itself as a voice for all women in this country, particularly the most marginalized.

Pacific women to get training on global business trade

Australian Awards is piloting a new Australia Awards short course that aims to help build the capacity of women to trade.

The ‘Australia Awards: Women Trading Globally’ course is offered to Pacific women with their own business who have the potential to become ‘export ready’. 

It will cover international trade and how one might be able to embark on the pathway of growing their business into new international markets.

Digicel is major sponsor for Women in Business Expo, 2016

Digicel presented a cheque of K50, 000 cash well as 50, 000 in kind and support to Founder of Women in Business Janet Sape at the new Women in Business warehouse located at the Steamships compound, Waigani.

Digicel Retail Director Lorna McPherson who presented the cheque  says Digicel is excited to be part of this years expo and part of the reason why they wanted to be part of the expo is because of the difference made from last years expo for women in PNG.

Women make up majority of unbanked PNG population

While it’s a different reason for each individual, the common reason stands as financial illiteracy and long bank processes.

Arua Ginate, from Port Moresby’s largest coastal village, Hanuabada, expressed her thoughts on this during a recent graduation from a basic financial literacy course.

Arua, 65, is a pioneer participant of the Givim Han Long Laip Projek rolled out by Women in Business this year.

Women empowerment a challenge in PNG

This was highlighted last night by Mary Peschka, the global director for Advisory Services of International Finance Corporation, at an event organized in partnership with the Business Coalition for Women.

The event reflected on PNG’s journey in empowering women, honoring the path-breakers, celebrating the achievers and to inspire the next generation of women in the private sector in PNG.

While highlighting progress in this area, Mary Peschka said sadly, there was very little progress, last year, especially regarding gender parity on boards or in executive decisions.

Women’s micro-bank notes successful growth of customer base

This in itself is a great achievement, according to founder Janet Sape, noting the customers are mostly grassroot women.

“These women are unbanked. They have their money with them in their bags and they cannot access banking services because they don’t know how to,” she said.

Janet is also the founder of the Women in Business, a body that has been actively driving financial literacy among the women population.

“We try to meet and network with the women and try to help, empower them grow,” she said.

6 reasons why women are still not getting paid what they deserve

But despite these gains, we’re still our own worst enemies when it comes to money.

According to a recent report by the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, women who work full-time earn nearly $11,000 less per year than men, which adds up to almost half a million dollars over the course of a career. Women earn 79 percent of what a man earns.

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