Everyday People: Karokapi Gure

Karokapi Gure, 19 is from Babaka and Lalaura in Central Province and works for the Sago Network, a not-for-profit organization that aims to strengthen communities across the country by improving the standards of water, sanitation and hygiene.

Karokapi said an important lesson that she will always remember from her family is to ‘Always be there for people.’ A key reminder as she works in an organization that is people-centered.

The young woman said she loves her job as it allows her to “Get to meet a lot of people from different fields” and travel around as well.

She has worked for the Sago Network for a year now. When asked if she sees herself in the organization in the near future, she replied: “I do see myself growing in the organization that I am in.”

A normal day at work for Karokapi would consist of her replying emails and making phone calls. Karokapi says she is inspired by entrepreneur, Vani Nades.

“I love how she focuses on little SMEs that no one really cares about and in time they turn to expand and grow in their field and get the exposure that they need. Through her the SMEs get to meet other prominent figures in the business space and this helps them get that boost as well.”

Marysila Kellerton