Public Services

Public service put to the challenge

"Our public service must be leaner. Our delivery systems must be effective and efficient.  We must sustain and build on the work that the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform has started to achieve these reforms,” he said.
"Our public services must perform to its fullest potential, and this is where we want to focus our attention.
"We will ensure that the appointments of our heads of agencies are merit based."
Marape has again reminded public servants that they are responsible for delivering public goods and services. 

Juffa calls on Government to overhaul Public Service machinery

He urged the Government to table the Report produced by his committee at the next sitting of Parliament and seriously consider the recommendations made by the Committee.

Juffa stated that the continued delay towards the long overdue overhaul of public service would only delay any true development of the nation.

He expressed grave frustration at the continued delay in tabling the Committees report and urged the Government to address the issue of restructuring and modernizing an ineffective and inefficient public service machine.

Juffa blames Politicians for defunct Public Services

Juffa in an email to Loop PNG said the public service has been defunct, outdated and neglected for a long time by authorities.

“Public service is a system that no longer protects or promotes PNG interests.

“Instead, it is now hijacked by transnational criminals and selfish individuals to carve out and sell PNG as quickly as possible,” says Juffa.

He added that hardworking and intelligent public servants are discouraged by a system that does not adequately remunerate them while nepotism allows selfish dangerous individuals to climb up and secure key positions.