Juffa calls on Government to overhaul Public Service machinery

Governor for Oro and Vice Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service Garry Juffa has called on the Government to overhaul the Public Service machinery in the country.

He urged the Government to table the Report produced by his committee at the next sitting of Parliament and seriously consider the recommendations made by the Committee.

Juffa stated that the continued delay towards the long overdue overhaul of public service would only delay any true development of the nation.

He expressed grave frustration at the continued delay in tabling the Committees report and urged the Government to address the issue of restructuring and modernizing an ineffective and inefficient public service machine.

"Politicians are not the implementers. It is the public service. Politicians are the drivers. However, you cannot get far with a broken old outdated machine.

“All economies that are progressive have one thing in common and that is a modern, effective public service.”

Juffa has insisted that the 2017 and consequent elections will see no change unless the public service was overhauled radically.

"Everyone must be on a performance based contracts from teaboy to CEO. We must lift standards.

“We must be determined to change PNG. Otherwise, we will be at the mercy of forces whose interests are not necessarily aligned to us."


Freddy Mou