Juffa blames Politicians for defunct Public Services

Vice Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Governor for Oro Garry Juffa has blamed politicians for the defunct public service machinery in the country.

Juffa in an email to Loop PNG said the public service has been defunct, outdated and neglected for a long time by authorities.

“Public service is a system that no longer protects or promotes PNG interests.

“Instead, it is now hijacked by transnational criminals and selfish individuals to carve out and sell PNG as quickly as possible,” says Juffa.

He added that hardworking and intelligent public servants are discouraged by a system that does not adequately remunerate them while nepotism allows selfish dangerous individuals to climb up and secure key positions.

“When that happens, it’s to the detriment of PNG and the people. Something drastic must be done. Otherwise we shall continue to see regress and reminisce about the good old days to no avail.”

However, Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari when officially opening the Provincial and Local Level Service Monitoring Authority (PLLSMA) conference in Port Moresby early last week blamed public servants for not delivering government services to the people.

Lupari told the provincial administrators that they (public servants) were the drivers of service delivery.

He said lack of money should not be an excuse.

“If services do not get to the people, the National Government and the leaders should not be blamed. We are responsible for delivery,” he told the Provincial administrators.

“We the public servants, including the Public Servants in Waigani need to lift our performances. We can achieve a lot if we are better coordinated.

Freddy Mou