Admin issues stalling Madang’s service delivery

“In Madang Province, people are in the dark about development issues and project roll outs under the Provincial Government.”

Governor Pariwa, has now come out to clarify the delay in project implementations and measures he is taking to rectify the issues.

“It seems that the holdup is under the administrative functions, with a tussle, and of polygamous conflict of interest agendas, trying to overrule the rule of law,” he said.

MP urges evaluation of funding

Minister Peter emphasized that although large budgets are being passed down every year, it is unclear whether work has been done, progressing or not started at all.

"Olgeta yia yumi pasim budget tasol dispela moni yumi no save em mekim wok or nogat," he stated during the Morobe Province 2023 Budget Session.

Minister Peter also welcomed the significant funding appropriation towards education.

Future plans for CITF

Managing Director, Augustine Mano said that the Community Infrastructure Trust Fund (CITF) will focus on delivering clean water, improved health and education services, and lifting agriculture production.

He said: “Your Future Generation Funds will also be invested wisely, so when the Ok Tedi Mine closes down in 10 years’ time, you have a sustainable flow of income from investments to support you into the future.

Oil, gas act sufficient: Pok

He said this following the successful drilling and flaring of the Pasca A4 gas condensate offshore well.

Speaking to media after the milestone, Minister Pok said the Government will work within the confines of the current Act to underscore what is likely to be the country’s  first offshore gas project.

“If there is a need to cater for the offshore then we will. But at the moment, I think the oil and gas act is sufficient for onshore and offshore developments,” he said.

Stop work in Oro’s project lifted

This happened after the contractor, PDC met with Governor Garry Juffa to resolve issues surrounding the concerns about quality and scope of work.

Juffa in a statement said the company has willingly insisted to ensure that all requirements are met and that they will certainly take on board the concerns of the Provincial Government to ensure a quality project is delivered.

“It has been resolved also that the Works Building Inspector shall lead the inspection team periodically and continue to monitor progress and report accordingly.”