Governor Ramsey Pariwa

Admin issues stalling Madang’s service delivery

“In Madang Province, people are in the dark about development issues and project roll outs under the Provincial Government.”

Governor Pariwa, has now come out to clarify the delay in project implementations and measures he is taking to rectify the issues.

“It seems that the holdup is under the administrative functions, with a tussle, and of polygamous conflict of interest agendas, trying to overrule the rule of law,” he said.

‘Hire and Fire’ powers recalled to DPM

This is the first time since taking office, that the Governor is making a statement on various issues affecting Madang Province, and on the appointment and termination of public servants.

Manam islanders receive Merauke rice

Governor of Madang Province, Ramsey Pariwa thanked the government of Papua province who generously donated 20 metric tons of Merauke rice.

Governor Pariwa travelled by road with the container carrying the 20 metric tons of rice to deliver bales of rice at the Tabele Primary School, on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Present to receive the rice donation was president of Iabu local level government, Kenny Boli, Manam kukurai (chiefs) representative Willie Rupunai and a director of the Manam Resettlement Authority, Ferdinand Kaungeri.