Fish Mill to be built in Madang

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) has revealed in a recent visit to Madang that a fish mill will be built in the province.

NFA managing director Justin Ilakini said, they are the implementing arm of the government, and part of the income generated from their operations is set aside for other investments, especially under social sector and social corporate responsibilities.


Mr. Ilakini assured Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa that an MOU signed between the NFA and the provincial government is well and truly alive. and under this MOU, projects within Madang Province will all soon be rolled out or lifted off the ground.


During NFA’s visit to Madang last Friday, multiple commitments and cheques were presented as part of rolling out programs and projects in Madang Province. One of them is the country’s first fish mill to be constructed within PMIZ.


Governor Ramsey Pariwa was given a cheque of K1 million for the project component.


Rai Coast MP and Minister for Labour and Employment Kessy Sawang was also given K500,000 for footbridges in her electorate.


Ms Sawang thanked NFA for the recognition given to the most geographically challenged district in the province and especially on behalf of the mothers and women in the district who struggle in terms of accessibility to roads.


The member and minister stated that the Rai Coast District Development Authority has identified six footbridges they would like to construct and these would cost approximately K2 million. However, the funding given would assist the DDA in delivering a few bridges which are said to serve around 20, 000 people.


Further commitments were made for Sumkar district to build the principal’s house at Megiar Primary School, an ICT lab for Malala Junior High School, a 4 in 1 classroom for Talidig Primary School and 4 in 1 classroom for Sagalau Primary School which is under construction at the moment.


In addition, Mr. Ilakini also advised the governor that there is a K5 million facelift support for Modilon General Hospital awaiting the new PHA board to be in place before funding is given.

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