Kessey Sawang Minister for Labour and Employment

Fish Mill to be built in Madang

NFA managing director Justin Ilakini said, they are the implementing arm of the government, and part of the income generated from their opera

Dialogue with workers union vital, says Sawang

Minister for Labour and Employment and Member for Rai Coast, Kessy Sawang said when expressing her concern regarding recent civil unrest in Port Moresby and other centres of the country.

The Minister is calling for an honest dialogue between responsible government agencies, trade unions, employers, civil society, and other key stakeholders and even across the political divide to address the deep-rooted causes of the civil unrest.

PNGTUC welcomes Sawang’s appointment

“With great pleasure, on behalf of the workers of PNG, extend our warm welcome to Kessy Sawang, on her appointment as the Minister in charge of a key economic ministry in government,” said Clemence Kanau, the General Secretary for the PNGTUC.

“This is the first time in over three decades a government in PNG has appointed an elected women leader to a key economic ministry, a win for women in PNG. This is a milestone appointment for women in politics, and so we give due credit to the Marape-Rosso government for its wisdom in appointing Kessy Sawang,” Kanau added.