MP urges evaluation of funding

Huon Gulf MP and Community Development Minister, Jason Peter, urged Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge to send audit and evaluation teams to the wards to check on funding released for projects.

Minister Peter emphasized that although large budgets are being passed down every year, it is unclear whether work has been done, progressing or not started at all.

"Olgeta yia yumi pasim budget tasol dispela moni yumi no save em mekim wok or nogat," he stated during the Morobe Province 2023 Budget Session.

Minister Peter also welcomed the significant funding appropriation towards education.

However, he pointed out that law and order problems in the community remain a significant challenge, and students who are sponsored must take full responsibility for returning to serve their people in the province and district.

"Mi laik tok tenkiu lo Gavana Wenge lo funding igo lo edukesen. Tasol lo na oda hevi yumi mas stretim pastaim," said Minister Peter.

Loop author